Trouble T-Roy

Trouble T-Roy
Real Name: Troy Dixon
Date of Birth: 1967-10-19
Date Deceased: 1990-07-15
Cause of Death: Accident
Groups / Crews: Heavy D and the Boyz
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  • [Yo]: this place is dead, rip doe b
  • [guest_8181]:
  • [guest_9817]: lolo
  • [guest_9817]:
  • [ReE-ReE_4818]: Rest in eeeez EAZY-E... I LUV YA HOMIE, N IMA KEEP REPP'N' FO YA...
  • [Anthony weber]: call me at 816-509-5285
  • [Anthony weber]: call me at 816-509-5285 if you want to date im 16 im a boy
  • [guest_2521]: proof and Bugs, god bless your souls
  • [james]: Camoflauge
  • [james]: Camoflauge, Nate Dogg. just to name 2.
  • [guest_3229]: RIP Proof, Bugz, Big L, Pac, Biggie, Guru n ODB
  • [Mgfd]: Oh, almost forget about Roc Raida from da X-ecutioners..
  • [Mgfd]: Nate Dogg R.I.P., buddha bless his soul.
  • [guest_1718]: kid hood from scenario remix
  • [guest 666]: Terrence "Baby T" McKenzie, was murdered in April 2000.
  • [guest 666]: New Orleans Rapper Sporty T Shot To Death
  • [guest 666]: Dj Screw Pimp C Big Hawk Big Turtle B. G. Gator Big Moe Big Mello Fat Pat Big Steve
  • [guest 666]: Fat-Tone, Baatin (1996-2009) (deceased)
  • [guest 666]: Camoflauge is a dead rapper
  • [guest 666]: Rapper 29-E was shot Sunday January 4th following a concert in Seattle.
  • [guest 666]: Rapper Eyedea Died of Accidental Overdose
  • [guest 666]: Rapper Guru has died at the age of 43 after battling cancer, according to reports published online.
  • [guest 666]: Rapper Ryan "Woodie" Wood died on March 7, 2007. He died of an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  • [guest_9141]: Apache "I need a gangsta bitch" he died of natural causes
  • [James Lock]: every dead singers name you need to know, can be found at this link, enjoy
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  • [James Lock]: Party Arty, MC Ant
  • [James Lock]: 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) - Real Name: Lesane Parish Crooks.
  • [James Lock]: Aaliyah
  • [James Lock]: Speedy Loc, Johnny J, Dubble D, Professor X, Ac Chill, G Slimm, King Freako, VL Mike
  • [James Lock]: Camoflauge, Orlando fl, was murdered.
  • [James Lock]: Kilo-G, was killed before Yella Boy Was
  • [James Lock]: Dolla, and Blade icewood, also Too Short
  • [guest_7879]: This is make offer rent a car.
  • [guest_9345]: Yo man! Where is BIG DS from Onyx?
  • [guest_4217]: What about Apache? Died 1/22/10
  • [guest_7302]: RIP GURU
  • Stefan: big mello died in a car accident
  • [guest_1748]: Yella from U.N.L.V should be added to this list for sure he was a legend!
  • [shookspear]: Thanks Bill, I knew about Yella boy and Fat Tone, I'll add them!!

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